Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Day Fifteen

Welcome back to the daily adventures of me.
Today was quite the.... interesting day. It started off by going to Alcalingua to do some homework this morning with friends, pastries, and looking for the perfect India pants... more to come on those when I actually find some. Went home afterwards to prep for lunch. It wasn't scary today, in fact it was delish. We had pasta and some sort of saucy, creamy, fattening stuff with mushrooms and I loved every little bite. However, there was weird fish on tomatoes, Bacalao, and to humor my family, I tried some. Ew. We have some very interesting lunch discussions after eating, and they almost always involve my host dad staring at me the whole meal, talking with a lot of force causing him to spit all over me, and him often leaving the table to find some sort of book to show us a picture of a place, food, or other event where words are just not sufficient. Today's discussion was fish. They were floored that we didn't know any types of fish besides tuna and salmon, (I don't know how to say tilapia or rainbow trout in Spanish, you see) and went on a long rant about how healthy it is, and today Fernando got out the book titled "Pescado", which probably weighed more than an infant, to show us all the ways to cook fish. They are so funny.
After lunch some of us headed into Madrid, and not gonna lie... I was feeling quite under the weather. My voice has started sounding like a man's, I am nice and congested all the time, and my throat... well, it's felt better before. However, I wasn't about to let all this get in my way of a Madrid trip, so I got it together and we went. It was cold. It was rainy. It was not that great of a Madrid run.
However, it was memorable.
You know how sometimes in ice breaker conversations people will ask your most embarrassing moment, and you can't ever think of anything? Well, trust me. I will never get the "embarrassing moment amnesia" ever again. In fact, I think this calls for a Wisdom Wednesday
WW60- Save the Marilyn Monroe impressions for another day, kids.
Considering the weather today, I should have known better than to wear a skirt.
I also should have known better than to walk across the large grate in the middle of the street.
However, it was cold, the grate was blowing hot air, and I didn't see any problems with warming up my freezing legs for a minute. That was, however, until the air suddenly started to come up through the ground and my skirt followed.
Yep, I flashed a large chunk of Madrid, today, and many of my friends as well. I did my best to run off the grate, but it was definitely too late. I've always had dreams of this sort, you know, the dreams where you don't go to school in any pants, and let me just say that it happened just the way it always does in dreams. Slowly. When I finally was able to get off the grate neither I nor my friends could control ourselves as I, wheezing and laughing, tried to figure out what exactly had just happened. (and Casey, if you're reading this... sorry about that, buddy.)

After this "memorable" moment in Madrid, we headed back to Alcalá to feast on some goodness from Metrópoli, the churrería where Roberto works. I got this:
Bizcocho & chocolate for dinner? Yes, please. After eating there, we ended up spending the rest of the night at Tony Roma's, of all places, because some of our friends were still hungry and they were feeling American. A little tidbit about Europe. There are NO public facilities (ie drinking fountains or benches) so to be able to sit and talk means paying some dinero at a restaurant. However, we didn't really mind, and it was actually refreshing to walk in, hear country music, smell BBQ, and watch Mike and Rick devour ribs, fries, and burgers. It felt a little like home!
Oh, and in Madrid today, we stumbled upon a parade. Take a looky
Love from Spain


The Ball Babies said...

Hmm. Should I be concerned about the staring that is going on with the old guy??? Oh, well, as long as you don't stare back I guess all is well. (Hmmm)

Do you have any access to cold medicine??? It sounds like you need some Nyquil or something. Do they have that in Spain? Find some. Quick. So you can enjoy yourself without the crappy nose and stuffy stuff!

Love you!

The Ball Babies said...

Alyssa that is a great story of your skirt flying up in the air. Guess everybody know you just a little bit better now. Hope you get to feeling better soon. Love Dad

Me said...

Hahahahahhahah. Ahhh that's a classic.
And I really like your hair curled in the last picture. Cuteee. Hope you start feeling better soon!!