Monday, May 10, 2010

Day Thirteen

I think I've touched one too many metro doors. I am definitely coming down with a cold.
My ears itch, my throat tingles, and I've got that leaky nose sensation that I know all too well.
However, I'm gonna getright on through this, so hopefully all my Valencia oranges will speed up this cold and I can get back to feeling 100%.
Today was good.
Class was meh. Our teacher thinks we're dumb, so she speaks about 30 words a minute. It's painful, but hey, at least we understand? After class it was bar time. I think we all just feel cool saying, "hey, do you want to go to the bar?" at 11 AM, but whatever, we're just cool like that. We went to Mushka, I got a croissant and it was delish. (sorry about all the deets. my mom likes them)
Post class I stealthily did my laundry (like the prior post suggested) and then we ate lunch. It was not good. When I saw the cous cous in the cupboard the other day, I was pretty stoked, and when I saw it marinating in the fridge yesterday/today, I wasn't too scared, so I didn't go through my "load up on trail mix to fight the hunger" regimen. I should have, that is for sure. The cous cous was bathing in some weird tomato, fish, pickle, pepper, lemon juice, egg thing, and it was weird and cold. I played "move your food around on your plate so it looks like you ate something" and chased down my couple of bites with bread. One good thing about here is that you know there will always be one staple on the table- a fresh baguette. Not gonna lie, that thing saves me. That and my Magnum
bar. Oh, ate some pumpkin and carrot juice/soup thing, too. It smelled like baby food, but I ate it nevertheless.
After eats it was siesta time. After that we met at the train station to head to Madrid for FHE. We made a quick stop for churros con chocolate, (not gonna lie.... I'm getting sick of that stuff) and then we headed off to the Reina Sofia to get a modernish art fix. That was pretty cool. The highlights?
-Seeing Guernica, joking about how everyone was standing so far away, joking about how maybe there was an invisible fence around the painting, testing the water and getting closer, and having a buzzer sound when I cross that VERY REAL invisible line.
-The fact that you can't take pictures of Guernica in the actual room it's in, but if you take like 2 steps back out of the room, the art police can't touch you. HA.
-Talking too loudly in the museum, and getting the stink eye from the art police. Don't think they liked us much.
-The train ride home. I am definitely beginning to love my group, our laughing, and the ample amounts of English we speak at extremely high decibels everywhere we go. Pretty sure the Europeans love us.
When we got home, it was dinner time. Pilar has gotten to the point of trying to Americanize the things we eat, and today she made a point of having Roberto buy "colfres"- waffles, frozen pizzas, and oatmeal. The funniest part of the day was at dinner when she tried to eat the oatmeal straight out of the can. We laughed so hard- it is obvious that Spaniards don't eat very much oats. Anyways, we had "rolitos de primavera" which are spring rolls, for dinner. They were basically delicious, as long as I pretended there was no ham inside.
That is where the day ends and homework begins. Now if you'll excuse me, I must go blow my nose.

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Me said...

Haha first of all, I really like how that girl bought the "That's very hot" shirt.
And that she was trying to eat the oats uncooked...oh goodness haha. Poor Pilar, trying to impress you with her spanish cooking and you pulling the 5 year old act of hiding it in your napkin...hahaha.
Hope your cold gets better soon!! Ask Pilar to borrow the snuggie you got her, take some vitamin C, and get lots of rest! You'll be back to normal in no time!