Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Day Fourteen

2 weeks already. Dang this Spain dream is flying.
So onto today: woke up, ate some greek yogurt and a waffle drenched in chocolate syrup, went to school nasty due to my knowledge that fútbol would be in the future, and sat for two hours through awful grammar review. Seriously it's a good thing Spain rocks because class is no bueno. On the bright side tomorrow class is CANCELLED so I shall be sleeping in past 9. What a treat!
After class we decided to hit up Alcala Magnum, the mall in Alcalá, to see if we could find some good cheap shoes to play fút in. Nada for me :(
After shopping and such I went home, ate some not scary lunch, lentil soup (with creepy meat inside... again, I played "hide under the napkin") and some Spanish tortilla. Random meal? I think yes.
After eating we hit the church court for 3 1/2 solid hours of fútbol. Ahhh it was so great I could have played all day long. The sun was out, the team was winning, and life was swell. However, we could only play so long before our feet were numb, so we quit and decided to play every Tuesday. Yay for a little exercise? haha
When waiting at the bus stop after playtime, Jav and I decided to go back to the mall and look for shoes one more time. Good think we did, cuz I found some cheap Nike's. Ahhh maybe now I will be able to walk post-games! I put em on right away and automatically felt cooler in my very own indoor shoes! And I think my feet must be shrinking, because I definitely had to get a child size.
We bought the shoes, walked around Alcala Magnum once more, hit the arcade and the bookstore, and then went back home. Best game award goes to this little number
and best book award goes to this little librito. Is it illegal to take pictures of every page of a book for your own selfish pleasure? I may or may not have the whole book on file.
Anyways, when I got home it was shower, frozen pizza, Magnum bar, Spain's version of "So You Think You Can Dance" (hilarious, might I add), and the discovery of THIS. Say hello to my blisters the size of Rhode Island, roughly.
Basically this is going to hurt in the morning. Here is a nice shot of my foot and Natalie's leg after our partido today. Yeah, she ate it a couple times, but NO FEAR I had my oven mitt first aid kit all nice and handy. Guess Relief Society is good for something?
Tomorrow is.... well, nice and open. We were supposed to go to a bullfight, but it's all sold out. :( Boo. The Spain experience will NOT be complete without one. Anywho, maybe I'll dabble in a little hw, hang a little in Madrid, eat something strange... we shall see.
Hasta prontisimo

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The Ball Babies said...

Sweet post! A little confused with the monster truck though... Bizarre I have to say.

Your foot looks awful and I bet it does/will hurt! Glad you got some decent shoes - please post a picture of them!

You're becoming really good at hiding the meat I must say! haha Don't get caught, daughter!!! :)

Love, Mom