Saturday, May 22, 2010

Day Twenty Five

it feels good to be "home" again in Alcalá tonight, especially after a long day riding the bus through the Spanish countryside.
We loaded onto the bus around 9:30 this morning, and from there, the day was just full of a lot of driving and a couple pit stops. Our first stop was in Úbeda, Spain. This town is situated on the top of a hill surrounded by seas of olive trees as far as the eye can see- it's quite an amazing sight, actually, and I really liked just staring out the window at fields without number as we made our journey. These Spaniards love their olives.
We only spent about an hour in Úbeda, and that hour was spent searching out food for lunch. We got in around 12, so for us that is a pretty normal time to seek out a meal, right? Well, as far as Spain is concerned, 12 is probably the most awkward hour of the day, seeing as lunch isn't until later. Nothing was open! Finally after walking around aimlessly for a good half an hour, we found a pandería with some pizza looking things. I bought the first one I saw, but when it was handed to me I saw it was covered with nasty tuna. Yeah, I don't think I could eat that if it was the last thing in Úbeda- I kind of hate tuna. Anyways, I ended up buying another one and just giving the tuna one to a gypsy woman. It was too bad we didn't have much time to explore more of this quaint little city- one day I will return with more than an hour to explore.
When Úbeda ended, more driving began. I wish I had some good bus stories... but I don't :/ we had another stop in some middle of nowhere truck stop (they've got those in Europe, t00!!) and bought ice cream while our driver took his mandatory break. Oh, and we ran into this:
I guess it's more common than not to misplace your thong at the truck stop?
Ah I was happy to get back to Alcalá, eat a piece of fruit, and get some physical activity later tonight when we played a little fútbol before dinner. once strict cardio/weights regimen is quite non-existent now, and that plus zero whole grains, and ample butter and oil, has definitely been taking it's toll on my poor body!
Okay I am falling asleep sitting up. Time to sign off and get some shut eye! Buenas noches


The Ball Babies said...

Oh, that was so nice of you to give some food to the gypsy woman! That's my share bear. You're right, that city looks fabulous! Why wasn't it included on your tour? Too bad!

I know what I want you to bring me back from Spain now. Just buy me a thong from a truck stop and you'll make me so happy!

Love you!

Anonymous said...

Alyssa we are having so much fun reading your blog. Keep it up. We are at Grandma Balls today. We showed her how to get to your blog so she can enjoy it too. David and Katie had their baby blessed yesterday in Monteview. Baby Brock is really cute and he doesn't cry hardly at all. Are you homesick yet? Ready to come back to the states? Looks like you're having quite the adventure and having fun. I am so glad you're having this experience. Good times. Love Dad

ps. Kris is so looking forward to her truck stop thong.

Aly G said...

What a pretty view in picture, I can't imagine how it looks in real life! Enjoy it for me:)