Sunday, May 23, 2010

Day Twenty Six

Confession: I want AMERICAN FOOD.
I've been looking at my foodblog followings today and I just want to cook and find new recipes and drink real milk that isn't creepy! I want wheat bread. I want a Caesar salad. I want a smoothie. I WANT A BURRITO. I want to read trainermomma's blog without feeling shameful of all the dripping-with-olive-oil foods I consume on a daily basis.

Okay I'm done whining. Moving on!
Today was a Sunday and that translates into a lot of relaxation and not much "doing". This morning we went to church and FINALLY figured out the bus schedule. Well, when I say we figured it out, I mean we went to the right stop and waited and waited for the 6 bus to come. And it did. And we were late to church from all the waiting. We probably should have walked, but I just had to prove to myself that I am smarter than a bus schedule! Goal- achieved.
Church was funny. It's funny because I've always thought that Mormon churches looked the same and smelled the same, but I am learning that there is variation overseas! Here, there is no scratchy walls that snag your dresses, nor that "church font" outside every door telling you the room number, library, etc. And it doesn't smell like church. Strange.
After church it was lunch time, and like previously stated, everything dripped of olive oil. I'm getting a little bit tired of it :/ We had fried eggplant, (good, just greasy) champinones a la plancha, (seriously, I don't even know the translation... but its mushrooms fried in lots of olive oil) and then Pili made us spaghetti while the rest of them ate some scary pasta with seafood. No thanks :) For dessert we had a creepy cake made by the nuns of Alcala. It was weird and... wet. I think that is the last time I will trust nun cuisine. Oh, the family also got out some cheesecake ice cream to add to the nun cake. It was packaged in individual scoops, and that made me laugh a little. Oh, Spain.
After lunchtime it was naptime. After naptime it was playtime. Today was a group member's birthday so we went to the church, sat in the grass, and ate candy until it started to rain... which it continues to do right now. And that is the end of today's summary. Guess it's now time to do a little homework. And when I say a "little" I mean a one paragraph summary of my opinion of Cordoba. My, my. The workload here is almost too much to bear.
This week is 4 days of class and a weekend in Salamanca. Don't touch that dial!


Aly G said...

So fun to see how things are going! Don't worry you can have all the "dripping with olive oil foods" when you get back! Miss seeing you on sundays! Hope all is well love ya!

The Ball Babies said...

Olive oil is healthy! Just think of all the good it is doing your brain! Hey, at least you'e not eating htings filled with partial hydrogenated this or that oil! Now THAT stuff is BAD for you!

Enjoy yourself!

Love you.

DDDDDD said...

Was the cake tres leches? Cause my brother got my mom some of that for mother's day and so when I got home I got to eat some of it. Eh, I didn't like it too much ha