Thursday, June 17, 2010

Day Fifty

Done and DONE.
Classes are over and I will never have to go to Alcalingua again!! Thursday was like a breath of fresh air. After a looong day of testing and studying I was happy to know I would never have to think about the Visigoths again!
After our tests it was the Spain vs Switzerland game for the World Cup. All the real Spaniards told us the only way to truly experience the World Cup atmosphere is to watch the games in your favorite bar with your favorite people, so we went to the Media Pinta to hopefully see a win. There really is nothing better than a bunch of drunken Spaniards singing "we are the champions" during halftime, ordering enough pints to last them the rest of their lives, and cat calling the "chicas americanas", but there IS something worse. And that is losing. Pretty sure Spain didn't rise to the occasion, block shots, or know how to make it in the big ol' net, because they lost 1-0 and it was pretty heartbreaking... so heartbreaking the sun didn't even come out all day long. (Dear France. You better be warm or else)
After the game it was time to go to Madrid to see Muse. Muse! Oh, it was amazing. I've seen some good shows, but this one was one of the best. We didn't have superb seats by any means, but they were good enough, we had front row on our level, and Kelly and I were able to belt our little hearts out for the duration of the show. I've never seen so many young Spaniards all together at once! It was really fun! The adventure home afterwards, however, was not so much. When we got out of the show it was a sea of bodies down into the Metro, which was cramped, crowded, and almost closed. We got off at Sol and hailed a taxi for the rest of the trip. While the 20 minute ride was probably one of the most expensive forms of transportation I will ever buy, it was probably the best. The sensation of riding in an actual car was surreal! No jerking turns, no jolting around corners, just smoothness. Ahhh I could have sat in that little Volkswagen for hours.
And that was the night. Didn't sleep much... but then again, what else is new? When in Spain, right?

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