Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Day Fourty Nine

all this studying today better make me a Spanish Civil War expert!
From the moment I looked at the study abroad syllabus, I knew the last week of Spain would be the most chaotic. Yep, it's lived up to that little prediction.
At least I felt semi productive today- woke up, did homework, did a little writing catch up, went to class, got some retail therapy in and found the perfect dress, and then hit the books. (after a nice little nap)
Studying/nap time was pleasantly broken up with lunch. Today Pili made "berenjenas rellenas". Stuffed eggplant. I'm not really sure what was stuffed in the purpleish skin thing, but it was pretty good once it stopped burning my tongue. (These people have to have everything piping hot... and if it's not, well, they throw it right back in the microwave.) We also had fried cauliflower and fried eggplant. Like i've said before, Pili is turning out to be quite the vegetable cocinera!
When I was full it was time to read up on modernism and all the Carloses and Felipes yet again. Jenessa and I studied for 3 hours. That might not sound that bad, but hey... we are in Spain, and studying is not really our forté at this time! I think we only made it through because we knew that once we'd studied all our packets of notes and obscure drawings there would be a pastry waiting. What motivation!
The rest of tonight's been spent trying to study/facebook/watch World Cup games/prep myself for Muse tomorrow night. We also made the ambrosia chocolate flan cake thing for Natalie's birthday extravaganza tomorrow... I cannot even wait to make this cake at home. It is the epitome of delicious!
Well, that is where today's story ends. Come back tomorrow... I promise life will be more exciting!

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The Ball Babies said...

Hey, my life got more exciting today because I got to skype with you!!! It was definitely good to see your face and hear your voice at the same time! I sent your professor a mature e-mail - didn't want to sound rude or anything. :) I hope you enjoy your concert and the taxi ride home. (Will there be some boys with you for protection??? heehee...) jk

Have a blast!

Love you!