Monday, June 14, 2010

Day Fourty Eight

You know it's a good day when:
You go play soccer at 7:30, wear your favorite jersey, your team dominates, it gets dark and so you play under the lights, and the only reason you stop playing is because you've already lost 2 soccer balls- one kicked over the 20 foot fence into the neighbor's yard, and one kicked into the 20 ft tall trees lining that big ol' fence, the night ends at McDonald's for a cono kitkat, and you don't even realize it's almost 11 until they're locking you inside the restaurant.
That is kind of how today went. I loved every single millisecond.
Class today wasn't that bad- or the first part, at least. I can handle art history, I just can't handle the history history. Once we switched from Picasso to Carlos III my brain just powered down. Finals on Wednesday. Bring it on.
After class Brittany and I did shopped around Alcalá, then I went home and ate lunch with the family. Cous cous and tomato sauce with delicious asparagus. Yeah... I think Pili's been making up recipes. It was pretty good, though! I spent the rest of the day outside writing, then headed out to soccer when 7:30 hit. Like I said before, it was awesome. Our ward friends came out to play with us, so that was exciting, too.
The rest of the week is looking like this:
martes- class. study. get a feel for real Spanish nightlife (shhhh)
miercoles- tests. Natalie's birthday extravaganza. Spain world cup game with the Spainiards. MUSE.
jueves- "graduation" from Alcalingua. swanky lunch in Madrid. Carmen, the flamenco ballet. cry a lot.
viernes- let's not talk about it, besides the fact that i will be hopping a plane to France.
I love you, Spain.

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