Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Day Fourty Two

I am sooooo giddy right now.
All trip I've been looking for good Spanish music, but to no avail because all I hear around here is an unholy amount of Lady Gaga and an overdose of Brittney. It's been a little disheartening, and lately I've felt kind of hopeless about my musical endeavors. If there is one thing I don't like about discovering music, well, it's kind of like a second job, and when it's all in Spanish things get a little stickier.
However, while sitting at dinner tonight I had an "ah HAH!" moment sent straight from the clouds above. Roberto is a music fiend. The guy has crates and crates of CDs at my disposal, and tonight I am taking full advantage. Maybe the 8 hour ride to Barcelona tomorrow won't be so bad after all :)
Today was great! Class was pretty much slower than mud, but after that was done and I was free from all things subjunctive worksheets, life got good. I spent the afternoon packing for Barcelona, planning life after Spain (getting SO stoked for my European excursion!!) and just passing the time until it was time to go to Madrid to do a little shopping and a LOT of eating.
Last week while we were at the bullfight, our director took a group of students out to get tapas, and then tonight it was our turn. After wandering around Madrid in the midst of a Spanish rainstorm awhile, we finally found our restaurant, and completely stuffed ourselves.
Estay: This place was five star status in every way, and the food was delish. (can't really speak for Emily's ox tail or Kelly's lamb neck, but they both looked like they were enjoying it!)
We ate lots of different tapas (the mushrooms on toast were my favorite) along with fried berenjena (can't think of the word in English... ahh! Eggplant!!) and artichoke. We then had main dishes, but all the mains were full of meat (and scary ones at that...), so I just ate some plain ol' tortilla... let's just say I'm getting real comfy with my egg and potato dish :) It was all washed down with the most delicious Coke in the world and then sparkling water. We felt so classy! For dessert we all got different foods, but I only had one thing on my mind.... crepes and ice cream. Okay, well actually I wanted tiramisu first. But I didn't want anyone to judge me.... so I stuck with the ice cream. Good choice on my part. It was BOMB. Almost 200 euros later we were rolling out of the quaint little establishment and back to the train... but not before witnessing our waiter pouring drinks over his head for the table next to us... shnazzy!!!
When I got home tonight I was just sitting in my room when I heard the clinking of silverware in the dining room. That could only mean one thing. Dinner. Yep, Roberto had definitely brought home Argentinian pizza for dinner, and no matter how unhungry I was, I needed that pizza. Let me tell you.. this pizza rocks. We've had it twice, and I don't know what makes it so good, but it's covered completely in sauteed onions, and the cheese is so smooth and creamy... AH I love it.
Well, now that I am satisfied, stuffed to the brim with good food, skyped with my mother, and had my musical needs fulfilled, I guess it's time to head to bed a couple hours so I can be semi functional tomorrow. :) PS I think I died and went to flamenco music heaven. Roberto, you are a saint. And now, goodbye Alcalá hello MEDITERRANEAN.

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The Ball Babies said...

Yes! We finally skyped! It was good to see you and talk to you. Loved the description of all the foods! Is ox tail chewy??? Blech. Thanks for the picture of the waiter pouring drinks. When you told me he poured it over his head, I thought he actually poured it ON his head! Silly, Momma!

Love you!