Monday, June 7, 2010

Day Fourty One

it came it came it came!
Today was a great day, but finally getting this treasure was definitely one of the higher points, I would say.
I am not sure that Ronaldo and I can ever part again.
This morning I got up early so that I could get in some skyping and go rent a bike before class started. What a great idea that was! Alcalá has a program where you can borrow city bikes every day, so since that is one of my very favorite pastimes, I got a bike renting card last week. However, I hadn't rented anything until today. Look at this sweet little number!
Not gonna lie.... not being on a bike for a couple months had me a little shaky at first, trying to juggle bag, computer, notebook, myself, etc, but I figured it out! When I got to class I didn't really know where to park it, so I just threw it over by a motor cycle, locked it to a railing, and hoped my little green friend wouldn't be impounded during class. I checked every time we had a break. No worries, at 11 it was still there, safe and sound.
After class I went to the Alcalá Flea Market. Oh boy.... when I think about that little experience I just hear "TRES EUROS TRES EUROS CADA VESTIDO TRES EUROS! VENGA VENGA VENGA!" Oh man. Those little shop owners wanted some business. I got some gifts for a couple people, meandered through the little stands, and decided one time at the flea market was enough for me.
Next on the list of to do was to take a ride through Alcalá... or at least the streets I know. I didn't get very far because, well, I don't know very many streets, and dodging people and cars here in a little bit of a pain. However, it was still good to be back in the saddle! My front tire was a dud, so on my way home I had to go get it pumped, then made my way to Telefonica to get a new cellphone since ours bit the dust a couple of weeks ago. I made it there just in time, too becuase right as I walked in they were closing for the siesta. Oh the siesta... I'm not sure if I've ever really talked about this Spanish phenomenon, but basically it means that all the stores in Spain are closed from around 2-5. Sometimes it's nice... sometimes it's annoying.
After running all my "errands" we ate lunch. Lentils and salad. I was satisfied.
Tonight we (Ronaldo and I) played soccer for FHE, and like all the other fútbol encounters, it was great! The rest of the night I spent outside on the porch because it is so hot in this house! I'm not sure if there just isn't air conditioning or if it doesn't work... but any way, it's much cooler outside! Good think the porch is probably my favorite place to be in the house.
And that's all for now. It's almost 1:30 AM and I still haven't even cracked open my textbook for homework. Hasta manana

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Me said...

Ooooo I like the jersey!
Ha so "the group" is doing the thing where we each choose our country that's competing in the world cup thing and then root for them and watch all the games together.
I chose Mexico...duh that was practically a given haha.
And I'm glad you were able to get some biking in!