Monday, June 7, 2010

Day Fourty

didn't write last night. oops.
I was too busy catching up in the journal, and all this double duty writing is harder than I'd thought!
Sunday was good, I really like going to church here. Maybe if we can just get some working air conditioning in the building it would even be more appealing to just stay here forever. I mean, I love fanning myself with Miguel's seminary scripture mastery cards, but let's get real here, Spain. Air conditioning is kind of a given! When the air conditioning doesn't work in the building they turn on these fans that are just normal tabletop fans, but have been mounted to the wall. It's really funny.
After church it was fiesta time once again. It was Pili and Roberto's granddaughter's birthday, so we had a party in the backyard again. We had lots of rice, mushrooms, and the tortilla with tomato sauce and spinach. For dessert we had some bready thing like french toast, only not cooked... so I'm hoping the egg was left out, too. It was actually really good and I think Pili should make me a cookbook before I go home so I can enjoy her "not so scary" Spanish cooking in the comfort of my own mayonnaise-less kitchen.
Later Sunday night we had a fireside at the church where we all shared our favorite hymn, scriptures, etc. It was good, but the best part was the fact that a drunk guy wandered into the chapel and sat in on our meeting awhile. Every once in a while he'd shout out strange comments, but for the most part he just muttered things under his breath and clapped really loudly. When he left, Professor Williams followed him out and I'm pretty sure locked the chapel door so no more riff-raff would come in. Oh, Spain.
After the fireside I spent some time with my Spanish friend, Miguel, and then went to the plaza, because that is basically my favorite thing to do on Sunday. There was a show going on with some dance group, so I watched that awhile, caught up in the good ol journal, and spent the rest of the night trying to do homework/just chatting away on facebook. Yeah remember how I had my facebook once a day goal during last semester? Well... it's kind of tanked :/
That is all for now... I rented a bike today, I'll write about it more later because now my computer is on reserve power and I should pay more attention in class to the reign of Carlos V. Whoever he is?

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The Ball Babies said...

Who is this Miguel character and why did you mention his name twice in one post??? Hmmmm. That's not like the aloof daughter I know. (Kidding!)

Get some sleep and pay attention in class, girl!

Love you!