Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Day Thirty Six

You think you know Spanish.
And then you are taken to a theatre performance where you don't know what the heck is going on.
That was my experience today in good ol' Madrid when we went to see "La Moza de Cántaro" tonight after we went to the Prado and class. Actually, let's start there.
Today was test day... and needless to say, the whole group was a little more stressed than we've been in, oh, like 4 weeks. Class ended at 11 and the test wasn't til 1:30, so a bunch of us stuck around to try to make heads or tails of a lot of information about Romanization and the whole 9 yards, only stopping to get a Neopolitana as a little pick me up. Whew. The studying paid off though, because I think I passed. Now I can forget EVERYTHING about rosetones, absides, and the floor plan of a mosque.
After the test Natalie and I ran home for a quick lunch. Since Pili is a saint and knew we'd be in a hurry to catch the 3:30 train, she had lunch all ready for us when we got home- lentils with various vegetables and a potato/carrot gratin. It was really good- this woman is really getting the hang of her vegetables!
After eating I ran to the post office really fast to get my package, but 1. I went the first time without any form of identification so I had to 2. run back to the house and then 3. go back to the post office where the line was long, and 4. all on a very large time crunch. Yeah.... didn't get it today. Boo. Tomorrow is a new day!
At 3:30 we had to go back to El Prado. More Art History with Rebeca. Yay. No, it's really not that bad, I would much rather look at "the 2nd of May" first hand and learn about Goya than read it out of a textbook! It's just that every time I walk into El Prado, suddenly my feet kill me and waves of tiredness begin. Oh well! It was the last time at El Prado.... so I guess I can now tell my children I went to El Prado 4 times.
After Prado we had an hour to spare before it was time to go to our performance. Mabel organized food for us at this place called "Rodilla" which is basically Spain's version of Subway- these places are all over. I was pretty excited about my three little sandwiches- vegetal, ensaladilla, and crema de cacao- when I'd ordered them, but when I actually got them.... well that was a whole different story. The sandwiches were little triangles of white bread with the crusts cut off, and a shady filling in the middle. The crema de cacao was just chocolate, so I managed to eat that one just fine, but the other two were full of tuna and mayo. No thanks. I downed my Limón Fanta and said buen provecho.
The teatro was interesting. Like stated before, I didn't really follow it, but there were a couple funny parts you would have had to have been deaf and blind to not understand, so that was good. But besides that, I was just fidgety, hungry, and not following whatsoever. In a couple weeks we are going to "Carmen", a Flamenco Ballet, and I'm hoping that one is better- well, I know it'll be better because it's flamenco, and flamenco is turning out to be my cup of tea. OH, but you know what I am really excited for is MUSE. Yes, that is right. As a goodbye to Spain present, me and some friends are going to see THE band in Madrid. Outside. Live. My heart pounds harder as I write about it!!
So yes, that was basically the day as it went... oh, and something funny to end on. You know how when girls spend lots of time together their cycles start matching up? Well..... I think something of the sort is happening to our group. NO we are not all on the rag at the same time, though. Instead, we all wear the same colors on the same day. Saturday was purple day. Today, seafoam green. You probably don't find this very humorous, but please just bear with me and try to imagine walking into class in the morning and finding yourself surrounded with people all wearing the same color. It's funny... or maybe I am just not getting the necessary amounts of sleep? Anyways, that is all for today. Tomorrow starts bright and early with a trip to Camuñus for Corpus Christi. Til then!

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Jillian Rue said...

I'm SO jealous! I love Muse!!