Tuesday, July 27, 2010

the 411

okay I hardly even know where to begin today because I just discovered something MONUMENTAL via the world wide web.
ya'll know I love Spain. cooking. & blogs.
well, the discovery happened today while I was cooking me a little piece of Spain. It was my first rodeo with the Spanish tortilla, and although I am no Pili, it turned out. Small victory, yes. Do I even have leftover for tomorrow's rendition of my tortilla bocadillo for my 10 AM lunch break at the Marriott? Of course! However, the best part came as I was re-reading my recipe and browsed the comments section. It was then that the stars aligned, and I found a comment that led me to my first Spanish cooking blog. That one led me to handfulls and handfulls of other ones, and now I am in Spain cooking heaven. Thank you, blogland.
Anyways, what am I doing right now? The same thing I do every day this summer after spending 8 hours at the Marriott. What I want! Tonight its catching up on Bachelorette (RICARDO, please) and wondering what today's date is. I do love this season.
Life has been good, and I've been busy, hence the complete lack of good blog entries. Amid work, trying to get back into some sort of "shape" (who wants to lend me their personal trainer?), catching up with friends, and a little travel around the Utah/Idaho border, I've been wheeling and dealing and the month of July is almost over! It's weird.
Last weekend was especially good, thanks to my cousin Beau's wedding (which forced my family to come visit me, hehe) and Utah's state holiday, Pioneer Day. The 24th of July was a Saturday this year, so we got work off for Friday. My family was here Thursday to Sunday, and between those days we went to Beau's wedding and Idaho Falls.
On the way to Idaho Falls on Friday we took a stop at Lava Hot Springs to spend a long while soaking up the rays, flying down the slides, and jumping off the 50 M high platform all day long. It was great! When we finally got to Idaho Falls, Lex and I jetted off to see our very few lasting friends who live in Idaho Falls, and played catch up.
Saturday we went to see the Blue Angels at my very first air show ever. Let's just say it was my first and last. The stunts were cool, the planes were loud, but the whole spectacle was just not really my scene... I mean, I love Air Force planes, standing in line for mini donuts for an hour, Nascar-like crowds, and sitting in the dirt just as much as the next guy, but I think it was enough "experience" to last a lifetime. In fact, I think I enjoyed the performance ahead of me between the ponytailed, cigarette clad dad and his bare chested and barefooted 5 year old than the spectacle in the sky, as the little boy covered his ears as the planes flew over, and ponytail yelled and yelled, threatening to "never take him to another airshow again!" as he tried to force the little boy to watch the planes dart, zip, glide, and dive. Ha. Airshows. After that we stuffed ourselves silly at Chuck A Rama compliments of Grandma Ball, and then it was off to see more friends, play a little soccer, and end the night at the Drive In movie with our buddies. PS Despicable Me is hilarious.
Sunday my family went back west, and I stayed put. The idea was that I would go back to Utah on Sunday, too, but some of us had decided a camping trip was necessary, so we did that instead, after helping Lex in the nursery at church. Since camping was kind of a last minute idea, we just winged it. And it didn't turn out too bad, despite the fact that we just threw a couple things in the car at 10:30 PM and drove towards the mountains! We turned down a gravel road, hopped out of the car, and stumbled upon the best camping spot ever, equipped with lots of wood, flat land, and only about 2o annoying birds to wake up to in the morning. Anways, camping was awesome, thanks to Ryan's tinfoil dinners (around midnight) Lexi's hidden s'mores talents, a few heated rounds of pictionary, and good conversation with 4 people sharing a tiny three man tent until the sky began to get light (and then we went to sleep).
Monday morning we woke up, Lex and I fashioned a stove out of food for some good ol' pancakes, and then we cleaned up camp and headed back to civilization. After a much needed shower, I put off my four hour drive, and Lex and I went to Inception, which was pretty good, I guess, at least that's what people tell me. I may or may not have fallen asleep in the first 5 minutes and missed the next 20, so I was a little lost. But what else is new? After the movie it was happy trails til next Friday, and I was off. Thanks to my 1$ large McDonald's Diet Coke, lots of kettlecorn, and the random Madonna Greatest Hits CD I found in my glovebox, I was back in Provo in just a little over 4 hours (aren't you glad I didn't speed, Dad?) :).
Now it's back to powerwashing and waxing the arena at the Marriott Center, but only for a couple days, because on Friday it's BOISE time and I can't wait.
Til I've got good stories!


The Ball Babies said...

Hey, where are all of the grand pictures you took??? You know I love your pictures as well as reading your witty entries! Good thing for pony tail cigarette smoking dads at airshows! Made the trip to Idaho Falls that much better! heehee See you this weekend. Tell Jill to drive safely.

The Ball Babies said...

ya, so i just saw you put pictures on...um thanks for putting my big butt on your blog. thanks a lot, lyss.

i like big butts and i cannot lie, you other brothers can't deny when a girl walks in... to an airshow it's not pretty.

oh well, i forgive you.