Monday, July 19, 2010

summertime gallivanting

When Diana told me in May she had bought a plane ticket to visit me July 14-19 it seemed SO FAR AWAY.
I didn't really know if I could wait all that time, so I made sure to keep busy by running amok in Spain for the next little while, then coming back and working my hiney off for a few weeks, and then before I knew it her plane was landing in the SLC airport (which I pride myself in finding all by myself) and before us lay a weekend full of fun.
The weekend was great. We filled it with all the Utah highlights- Lagoon, Sammy's, BYU tours, hole in the wall Mexican food, Comedysportz, Llama Fest, mini golf, BYU friends, church, parks, police (and speeding tickets :/), a whole lotta food at Sunday dinner, night walks, Costa Vida, Gateway shopping (the poor window kind), and a ton of great conversation and catch up!And then as fast as the time came, it was gone and it was back to the Salt Lake Airport, where Diana hopped a plane right back to Boise :( Thanks for coming, best friend! Oh well- we will be reunited in only a few weeks in my OWN HOME TOWN. That's right folks, I finally get to go to my actual house after 7 long months... and even if it's only for a couple days, I can barely wait!
And with that little snippet, it is time for sleep. 5:30 AM rolls around pretty darn early :/

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DIANA COOK said...

Haha hey, this one is about ME!!
And when i googled the definition of gallivant, it said: wander aimlessly in search of pleasure....yup, that sounds about right!!
Hahahahaha and I can't believe you found the random picture i took on your photobooth, i thought surely you wouldn't see it for a month.