Sunday, July 11, 2010

campeones del mundo

Pues, la historia ha sido hecho- ¡Que viva Casillas! ¡Que viva Iniesta! ¡Que viva España!
If anyone would have told me Spain would win the World Cup while I was sitting in La Media Pinta that one day in June watching them lose their first game to Switzerland, I would have laughed. Hard.
Well, they pulled through and once again, I was happy to say I've lived there. And why, oh why, did I have to come home a week and half ago? Bitter? Nope. I just wish America liked soccer and more than 2 people would have honked as I flew my Spanish flag out my car window as I drove home from Casey's house. How I am gonna miss mi equipo español!
As for Brazil 2014- I will be there. No ifs, ands, or buts. and Miguel- quizás tendré que cambiar mi equipo favorito a Barca... ahora les amo a todos los jugadores de la furia roja... y ¡todos son jugadores de Barca! jeje Estás feliz? :)
Maybe one day I will stop being so obsessed with Spain and write about something else. But in the meantime, go look at some fotos of the game.

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The Ball Babies said...

Spain dominated that game even though they were much smaller than those Netherlanders. Pretty much a drama fest wouldn't you agree? I thought it was so funny how one minute they are writhing in pain on the ground and the next second they're running pell mell down the field! Wow, what a sport! Lots of pretty boys playing for Spain that's for sure. Think I know why you like it so much...