Wednesday, July 7, 2010

we're going to the 'ship!

Some serious Spain sickness settled upon me today as I hid my cellphone, sat in my grandma's living room, and cheered Spain on to victory.... only about 4 hours after the win actually happened, and I successfully made it through work without any spoilers. Thank you, DVR!
All I know is that I'm thankful for Puyol's ginormous head, and that I would give anything to be in Madrid on Sunday for the game... so if you love me a lot and want to buy me something, well tickets on priceline are running at about 1800 USD. Not that I checked or anything.
¡Viva EspaƱa!

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The Ball Babies said...

I think it's funny you actually checked on the price. Daughter, you're funny! Looks like you came back to the states a couple weeks too early! Drat.