Sunday, July 4, 2010

happy fourth and what's up

6:46 AM and I am wide awake.
Not sure if I should attribute this extreme earliness to the fact that my stomach and back are completely fire engine red, or that it's 2:30 PM in Europe, and my body thinks night time is nap time. My poor poor confused body!
Post Europe life is normal- in fact when I went to work last night for the first time, it sadly felt like I'd never left. I guess my sense of adaptability is just too heightened for my own good. Oh work- come Tuesday I start my life of 6- 2:30s and 40 hour workweeks. Yippee! Last night I did a bit of "buffer" working to ease myself back into the daily grind. However, I'm not positive you can really call "work" driving around in a golf cart for 5 hours, walking through a couple bathrooms to flush a couple toilets, listening a free Carrie Underwood Concert, and ending the shift with fireworks on the roof of LaVell Edwards Stadium. Oh, and all this for time and a half. If only every day could be the Stadium of Fire! As for Tuesday, well, you can count on me having lots of quality time with toilets and dust mops.
So the family leaves today. It's been so good to have the all here- too bad we didn't even get to do anything on account of me having to work and them wanting to go back home. Es la vida! However, we had a good time in the short time we were all together- Toy Story 3, Los Hermanos, a little shopping, swimming, hiking the Y, learning how to change a tire on my new "car that isn't mine I just get to drive", and some celebration when Spain advanced yesterday. It was an all around good 3ish days.
As for World Cup, well, I couldn't be more pleased. And while sitting in the living room doesn't really compare with watching it over a Coke at a corner bar in Europe, well, victory is just as sweet. David Villa, you are my hero, and Spain, you've got positive vibes coming at ya from the US of A.
and ps- happy birthday, America. Thanks for being great. Bring on the barbecues I have missed so much :)

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