Monday, August 16, 2010

far too much talk

of this "back to school".
As I looked at myself in the bathroom mirror today I noticed how pale my skin has become. The realization settled into me that long gone are the days of summer, laying poolside, and drinking in the ultraviolet. (Boo) My lack of an amiable relationship with the sun can say thanks to a full time job and a part timer at the Marriott. Oh well, not complaining. Spain was worth it tenfold. (And it still occupies my mind 3/4 the day)
And I do like my new job. It's sometimes challenging, a bit fast paced, and gets me to comb my hair in the morning. Since I am Spanish girl, (one of a handful, but like today, the only) I often respond to the chorus of "Spanish call on 600!" and my heart always picks up at least .8 mph as I press that flashing button and plug one ear in hopes of being able to understand the bluster of Spanish that usually follows my rehearsed, "bueno, en que puedo ayudarle?"
It's fun. It's rewarding. Seeing the blonde girl speak something other than English throws some for a loop.
Today I had my first experience with direct translation. Problem: blue eyed Spanish baby with a yeast and ear infection, Dad knowing no English, Nurse Practitioner knowing no Spanish, and no hide nor hair of any bilingual nurses in the office. Solution: Call back the girl with only 1.5 weeks of experience in the office to bridge the gap. I stumbled a little, but after only having to look up "prune" one time, baby had prescription, little siblings had their stickers, and Dad had high hopes of being able to sleep a little more at night. It was a cool experience- almost enough to water my mind- seed about changing the major once more.
Another plus of today: I came home today to a muchly (not a real word) anticipated package from my mom. (and it was a miracle it got here, she had the address completely wrong, much to my Grandmother's delight. A for effort!) Inside? New. Rainbows. And my phone charger. It was like Christmas. If you didn't hear before, my old favorite pair of Rainbows, who stayed by my side for a good three summers and dyed my feet brown without fail every time they got wet, gave up the ghost a couple weeks back. When I arrived back from Spain, I was brokenhearted to find them moldy in my suitcase. Thinking I could just clean them, I threw them outside, forgot about them, and then the sun shriveled them up and all my efforts to straighten them out only broke one in half. It was a sad day. Anyways, Mom sent me new ones, and while they kill my feet now, they will only get better with time. I know it.
And after all my crying about being white I am proud to announce that t minus 4 days until I am headed down to visit with the red rocks of Lake Powell with my 'mates. Note to self: with the current state of your skin, you will get burned. So wear sunscreen. You will thank blog Alyssa later, I promise.


Diana said...

Hahaha, so since today work week officially ended and rush week starts in t minus 8 hours....all these girls in my sorority got spray tans. Hahahah....i laugh at the few that look like 40 year old women who baked in the sun way to long....ahhhhh. embrace your skin dear friend. :]]
Oh! PS...this girl is letting me borrow her old phone that is a touch screen voyager except the touch screen doesn't work so I can only use the flip phone part....nevertheless it is a phone and that means I can partake once again in sporadic texting!! woot woot.

The Ball Babies said...

And what would your new major be, my dear? Glad to hear that your new job is going well - you're a valuable commodity to them! Good job!

As for the address, I copied it from your copy of the speeding ticket you left here in Lindsay's room... ahem. Who got the address wrong? haha Yeah, I pretty much have no idea what my mother's address in Springville is - but I'll always remember the Mapleton one!

Definitely remember the sunscreen when you go to sun drenched Lake Powell! Or you'll be a fried lobster! Oh, and please drink some water while you're there!
Love ya!