Thursday, August 12, 2010

ten things and i should be sleeping

a few things I would like to share as of late:

1. The new job is great. however, the sick children have donated their sickness to me. I need a stricter regimen of purell... this cold is getting me down!
2. I found a new old pair of jeans at Plato's Closet and I am in love. 35$ MEKs? I will take it.
3. My roommates have returned to the state, and that means I've got friends in Provo again!! We move into the new apt. in two weeks, and that makes me happy.
4. you should probably go to Walmart and pick up some Great Value brand bean and corn salsa. No, don't judge, just do. It is delicious.
5. I tried key lime pie bars for the first time yesterday, and that is all I can think about lately, besides a tortilla bocadillo from Spain. That sounds really good, and I miss Spain. (big surprise there!)
6. Someone should come fold my laundry that has been washed since Tuesday. Honestly I know I've got time, I just can't get around to it.
7. it's Lindsay's birthday today, and I wish I was home to celebrate and eat chocolate pie with her. I love you, Linds
8. I can't get enough Spanish music lately. Domingo Astroromantico is the best song, and if you want to hear the best version, click here. If you want to see good ol' music video that captures the Spaniards in a nutshell, click here. It's rich, corny, and I love it.
9. I went to Idaho Falls last weekend for Chayden's farewell, and it was great to see everyone (that is left there, anyways) and I wish him the best of luck in England!
10. There is a random rooster running around my grandma's street, and I have no idea where it belongs, but it is hilarious, and the neighbor girls like to cart it around like it's a baby.

well, ¡basta ya! that's enough. hope life is great. keep on ramblin'

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