Tuesday, August 3, 2010

the weekend. and a couple woes

after a blissful 4ish days in my hometown, we meet again, Provo.
Ahh what a weekend it was. I like Boise a lot, and I wish I could have hung around longer. Jill and I arrived Friday afternoon after a dicey car trip home thanks to some very hot weather beating down on poor Dorothy and causing her temp gauge to rise and rise along with Jill's fear her car might blow up. We were thankful to arrive in one piece! Friday night after Mom made delicious black bean burgers I was introduced to "the girls" who are the newest 5 members of my family- the demonic chickens that live in the backyard, enjoy hopping fences, and freak me out a little. After playing chicken round up we treated ourselves to Blue Cow. I loved it.
Saturday morning we hiked/ran around Table Rock followed by the famous Mom's pancakes, ran errands with Mom and the girls, reunited ourselves with the best burritos in Boise at Pollo Rey, and then I floated the river with my favorite Boiseans. Our river adventures are always a little dicey, and this one was no different. Hey, there is no good story to tell if you get out with no deflated rafts, broken oars, or a couple scrapes, right? Later Saturday night Lindsay, Payton, and I conned Dad into taking us to eat at Flatbread with him and Mom, and then I spent the rest of the night with more friends just sitting outside, playing catch up, and eating lots of s'mores.
Sunday brought church, then I made Spanish food for my family for dinner. Much to my delight, most everyone liked the paella, and although no one liked my mushrooms, the tortilla was burned, and I had some close calls with my chocolate flan, it was fun to be reunited with my olive oil, salt, and vinegar. (And I missed Spain. A lot.) The rest of Sunday we lounged around all day, then got the bikes out for our traditional Sunday ride. (I seriously wonder what people think when they see all of us parading down the streets on our cruisers, all gang-like...) To end the night we made a fire in the backyard and made more s'mores. Life doesn't get any better.
Monday Mom and I went to the gym, I went to the dentist for a little cleaning (best feeling ever) and then had my library adventure. I tagged along with Mom as she ran errands the rest of the day, did some cooking, caught Bachelorette finale, and a went on a nice night walk. Lovely, I'd say.
This morning I packed up my stuff, went to the orthodontist to visit my good friend Dr. Jarvis, and then it was back to Provo. This is where the woes start. I've had invisalign for 2 years now. My teeth are not getting any straighter. I am losing faith in these plastic trays as the days go on :/ Is it too late to just slap on some wires and straighten these bad boys in a month or two?!
Anyways, that's woe number one, and woe number two happened tonight as I was sitting in my room eating some delicious Spanish almonds. I'd eaten maybe 5 or 6 when I looked down and saw a couple of ants crawling around on my bed. And on the box. And inside the box. And all over my almonds. Yes, it seems they like the sugary coating as much as I do, and much to my dismay, they infested my other box of almonds, too. So right now I am mourning the loss of the most delicious Spain souvenir ever. Sigh.
On the bright side, I do start my new job tomorrow! Aunt Carolyn hooked me up with a job at her office at the Timpanogos Hospital as a receptionist, and so tomorrow I officially get to erase 6 AM Marriott shifts from my summer, and acquire a real big girl job. Hopefully it goes great!
And now it's time for bed. Goodnight and good luck

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The Ball Babies said...

That was a great time we had! It did go by too fast and I'm sorry I was a little preoccupied with girls' camp (which was a huge success, btw...)

Sorry about those ants. How many do you think you ate? haha JK!

Good luck with your new job!