Thursday, September 30, 2010

then and now

yesterday I went to a 4 hour accounting review session. Count em- 1,2,3,4. Don't worry, I haven't even scratched the surface on my studying yet. Ask me why dietetics majors have to take accounting. I don't have an answer for you, besides the fact that maybe while I making up diet plans for clients I might wanna kill 2 birds with one stone and do their taxes as well?

today I started the morning with my work out, like I've been trying to do the last couple weeks... sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. But anyhow, this morning on my run I caught a whiff of cigarette smoke... something that is a rarity in Utah County, and it made me think of Spain. And I missed Spain a lot... but then again, I think that happens at least once daily. In Psych this morning we talked about all things sensory and how smells are linked to memories and don't travel through your thalamus first, just go straight to your brain. I wish I could have brought a bottle of Spain smell back to America with me. Anyhow, today is class time, study for test time, and then tonight I'm gonna go see her. Stephanie Nielson is speaking at BYU and I'm pretty excited. Then, our very own Chase Baker is playing a show in Spanish Fork. All we ever do is go to his shows... Mansion 34 is the closest thing he's got to groupies and it's great.

tomorrow I work all day, then take my test on revenues, dividends, and balance statements. Godspeed to myself... oh and it's pay day! But alas... it's also rent paying day so I get to pay an arm and a leg for that, too. Yay for paying through the nose for sub-par housing. Speaking of paying through the nose... watch this week's obsession.

i like it!

anyways, this weekend is general conference and I wanna go becuase I'm only a hop skip and jump away, yet I've got no tix and no one wants to stand in line with me. Ohhh well guess I'll just lay on the couch in my pajamas and watch it with a big plate of pancakes. That actually doesn't sound half bad.
And now I'm hungry. Anita and I didn't cook yesterday due to my marathon study session... but come next week, something delicious will surely be in store!

Okay time to get on with the day so ciao for now

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The Ball Babies said...

I don't like it. At all.

But I like you and all your blog entries!