Monday, September 6, 2010

what I did on labor day.

no labor. that is for sure.
the homework was kept to a minimum. and I did this stuff instead
1. Kneaders. Unlimited french toast for 5 bucks was delicious, and everyone at BYU thought the same, so we ended up eating ours on the pavement of the drive thru. Don't worry, it was still fantastic. And because I am a fatty I out ate everyone. Skinny friends suck! (but I still like them)
2. Soccer. We had a little pick up game, and I slipped and slided all over in my turf shoes, which are not made for grass. Intramurals start next week and our girls' team is going to dominate.
3. Bicycle. After way too many months without the clanking of my old chain, I retrieved my rusty 10 speed from Grandma's garage, paid way too much to get it fixed up a little, and was happy to have a hobby again. Silver Bullet, I missed you.
4. BBQ. Sam's family graciously invited us over for some hamburgers and the like, only too bad I don't eat hamburgers. Don't worry- I had cheese on a hamburger bun.
5. Charlotte Russe. We did a little retail therapy and I got a new sweater. Too bad it's still a good 85 degrees outside.
6. Homework. Okay, the day is ending with a little bit of those things I shouldn't have kept til the end of the week, but I did anyways.
Oh well :) Anyways, looks like it's time to go put all my white pants away, and here's to only 3 days of class this week and Boise this weekend to see Miss Morales become Mrs. Cole.
Til next time, and Happy Birthday, Mom.
Oh, and here are some great vids for your viewing pleasure. Basically we've been obsessed with them all week.

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