Wednesday, September 8, 2010

twenty minute time kill

I discovered nectarines the other day. They're delicious and I don't know why I never ate them before.
International Cinema is becoming my home, seeing as I have to watch bucketloads of movies for my Spanish Lit class. (Which may or may not main me. I can't tell yet) Last night I saw Il Postino, and it made me miss Italy a lot, and wish I didn't have food poisoning when I was there. Pity. Guess I'll have to go back? The friends and I went to Slumdog Millionaire the other day, too. I cried. I don't cry. Basically I came to the conclusion that I need to go to India... but til then I will just get my culture dose from IC.
I posted it as my facebook status the other day, but I just can't get how funny this is. BYU is having a mustache contest for one of their fall festivals, and the winner of contest gets a discounted engagement ring. Oh BYU. 
It's getting to be fall and I like it. I can finally make pumpkin bread and cookies and cakes and whatever the heck else I want and it will feel seasonal and delicious. I can't wait for the leaves to change and the air to start getting crisp. (And I can't wait to break out the cardigans and my Uggs. Oh, how my feet miss the Uggs!)
Anatomy may just kill me. I am scared. I had lab yesterday, and basically I have to memorize every single crevice of the human skeleton. Ask me in a couple days, and maybe  I will be able to tell you where the cilca tursica is. Maybe. Hey, people have passed the class before, right? Right?
Winco has come to Utah and the bulk section makes me want to jump for joy and buy all their dried fruit. I love it.

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