Thursday, October 14, 2010

Anita & Alyssa Cook

Antonio, my beloved phone, is dying.
At first he would just randomly turn off during the day or tell me I had a simcard error. No biggie, I'd just fire him back up and he'd work for the next 2 or 3 days. Today, however, he stopped vibrating. Now he just makes this weird shrill sound that I don't even understand... it's quite heartbreaking, really. I'm wondering if I should just euthanize him... no. He has to last til Christmas. I definitely cannot buy a new phone right now.
Anyways, bad tangent. On a happier note, Anita and I cooked today and it was a COMPLETE success. I highly recommend this one, folks. I found this little gem in October 2008 of Cooking Light at work a couple days ago. I have such an old soul- seriously. Anyways, I copied it down, and we tried it because it basically fit into Anita's raw food diet. Here's the link to the recipe because it's too long and I'm too tired to write it down. (PS. we substituted cumin for fennel)
and here is a pic of us enjoying. My camera is dead and gone until I get my charger from Idaho Falls, so we won't be having any new pictures for awhile... boo :(
Anyways, complete success, and even Kelsey liked it. "Alyssa make me healthy!" is what she said after trying it and me giving her a lesson on red lentils. Love you Kels.
Well, that is it for now I believe... only 3 more midterms and life will be good... man oh man.
oh, and this video is the most favorite of the week. enjoy :)

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