Sunday, October 10, 2010

SG and a weekend away

we have other friends but these ones are my favorites. plus my camera was dying so I had to decide who was really important.
This weekend was great. We drove down to St. George on Friday, stayed and played our 1 1/2 days away, and came back bright and early this morning in time for choir practice. It was so fun. Highlights?
1. getting the voicemail telling me I'd won a 32 in plasma TV for taking a marriage survey. HA I may never get married but at least I win stuff!
2. Spraining my ankle trying to be Spiderman and run up walls. Yeah, UGGs are not good for those activities. My ankle is still huge. 
3. Going to Zion and hiking despite that darn ankle. I love the red rocks! Oh, and pretending to sit on a cactus but actually really sitting on it and finding a thorn in my hind parts later that day...
4. Making boys cook for us, even if it's just Bisquick pancakes and canned pineapple.
5. Getting dressed up and going to Chili's. Oh, and having everyone think we'd just gotten back from a high school dance.
6. Playing the HA game and having our abs hurt in the morning times 10.
7. Making fun of Sam and her pesky lactose intolerance....
8. Driving back to Provo at the butt crack of dawn and listening to Disney the whole way... and getting back in time for choir practice. Ohhhh yeah.
To say the least it was a good time, and a much needed break from Happy Valley. As for the week, meh bring it on.
 Hope life is grand wherever this finds you. xo

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