Thursday, October 28, 2010

Anita & Alyssa Cook

yesterday I stumbled upon something delicious that has been missing from my life all these 19.5 years.
Butternut squash.
Though it looks like something that only belongs next to the Thanksgiving cornucopia and is a beezy to cut when you don't have a good knife, it's delicious. Try it.
A couple months ago at Sam's house I stumbled upon a Clean Eating magazine. The foods in that bad boy looked like ambrosia, so after having a hayday with the copier and basically replicating every page in the book, I've been trying out a couple of them and none have failed me.
Butternut squash risotto was no different. In fact, after first bite, Anita and I had to have a moment of silence... actually like 5 minutes of silence only punctuated by "mmmmms" and a lot of fork scraping... and foot shuffling back to the stovetop to load up on more. Seriously people, this stuff is a new favorite. The recipe is a little time intensive, we just used instant rice instead of arborio, and omitted the thyme because I didn't have any, so feel free to change the recipe. Here's the link because I'm feeling like utilizing my resources today and have much to do before the Jazz game tonight.
Now salivate.
Finally got a camera battery charger. HALLEfreakingLUJAH life thru pictures may resume


Diana Cook said...

I am jealous of your oh so developed taste buds my dear friend....I'll stick to the cookies and mac and cheese.

The Ball Babies said...

Looks amazing! Trainer momma posted something with butternut squash this week too - yours looks much better! Enjoy the Jazz game, lucky.