Tuesday, November 2, 2010

November. finally.

please admire my psychology notes- can you tell I couldn't stay awake? Because I couldn't. I'm just chugging along, taking notes on sleep deprivation, then suddenly my eyes close, my writing becomes sloppier than usual, I scribble gibberish, my hand slips, and I am abruptly awoken with a nice line across the page. My favorite part was that class was on consciousness and sleep... half the class was doing just that.
So happy November ya'll! It's finally HERE and I like it. When I was little November was such an annoying month- Halloween was over and Christmas seemed so. far. away. But now I just get to bask in the glory that is fall and color and cook good stuff with fall-y foods and life is good.
Speaking of food, here is the Halloween update. Halloween was fabulous this year. We celebrated for weeks, I probably ate my body weight in candy corn, (and vowed to not touch any til next Halloween... which I was doing good on until I found THANKSGIVING candy corn at work. Curse you, UVP.) and had some fabulous costumes ie a blackberry, and then Indian. 
We celebrated with plethoras of "scary" movies and then Sunday we took over Sam's house and cooked up a storm. I went all out and made soup in a pumpkin (and it was great) and then these fabulous pumpkin bars from this website. Seriously, everything on this site is good. Anyways, it was paired with the most random things- guac, Colombian rice, mocktails, potatoes, rolls, salads, steaks, apple crisp, key lime pie, cupcakes, and the list goes on. Anyways, thank you October. You served me well.
Now onto November. I'm stealing an idea from a fellow blogger and it goes like this: Thirty Days of Thanks. I think even the dimmest of light bulbs could figure out what I'm talking about there, so we won't do much explanation. I missed yesterday though, so we'll do two today. 

Day 1. I am thankful for my job. Oh Utah Valley Pediatrics, Mondays are the longest days ever, (besides Fridays) but you give me a little money to pay rent and buy groceries, so for that I am thankful. This job is great. I've got great coworkers, I get to have my ear talked off by moms who want to know why their child has a rash in region A or a million page document to be scanned and sent to Office B (NOW) while scanning medicaid cards and explaining flu clinics, and every day it is an adventure in the real world. I like leaving BYU sometimes and getting out into the real world with my semi-real job where I interact with real people and I can forget about class a little. 

Day 2. I am thankful for my mediastinum, common carotid artery, cuboids, manubrium, linea asperas, styloid proceses, and zygomatic arches AKA all fancy words for my healthy body that works right most of the time. Tuesdays are Anatomy days.  I wake up early and study, go to class, go to the Anatomy lab for roughly 4 hours, and then if I am not feeling completely and totally drained I head over to Anatomy lecture for another 2. It's a loooooong day with way too much vocab and formaldehyde, but along with the lingering stenches I am sure do not leave as I take off my gloves, every Tuesday I am reminded how miraculous the human body is, how much of a blessing it is to me that I have one that works right, and just how important it is to me not to do anything that's gonna mess it up. Hopefully you can learn the same lesson just with a little less rifling through muscles the muscles of cadavers and yelling "coming through!" while hoisting specimens above your head. 

Until tomorrow. Buh bye


The Ball Babies said...

Oh, how I loved this post! I'm grateful that you are having a much better time in Provo this year than last year! Makes me happy! Reading about the food you cook makes me happy, too! Yumm!

Britni Ward said...

Lyss! I am envious that your new awesome friends get to experience your cooking! I miss being in the kitchen with you! haha.
So glad to hear you are livin it up in utah :)