Monday, January 24, 2011

a cyber sticky note

Samantha brought it to my attention today that evidentially I speak Spanish in my sleep. hehe I hope that is a sign of some kind of Spanish progress, and not just the fact that I let my Spanish homework seep into my REM. Anyways, it made me laugh.
And in microbiology lab today I swabbed my cellphone and now I get to let the grime culture for a week. Can you hardly wait to see what creatures call Antonio home? I can.
And in mission prep today I learned that only 1/132000 people on the planet have the chance to go on a mission. Whoa. You've got a better chance of playing in the Super Bowl.
The sun shone today... and it's actually been shining for a good solid week now, and when I have nothing to watch at the gym in the morning besides the 6 AM news, it brings me happiness to know that the high is over 20 degrees. False spring, yeah, but I like it.
Okay, now I'm just putting off my physiology homework. School is kicking my bootay!

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