Sunday, January 23, 2011

something new, old, and borrowed weekend style.

i don't know if i wrote about ice skating yet, but kelsey, sam, and i are taking ice skating class this semester and it is all kids of fun.... even though they put us in the beginner group. everyone else is learning how to do triple axles and we are playing red light green light to work on our hey, at least we can skate backwards now though.
last night we went skating to showcase some of our skills to our friends. they were impressed. at least in my mind they were. the best parts of the night? tony landing his spins and me skating backwards and almost running right into a guy that was proposing to his girlfriend in the middle of the rink. classy provo.

a couple weeks ago i bought a microbiology book thinking i was getting a way good deal by buying used. yeah, all that turned out to mean was that all the important pages were torn out. cool. i spent today taking pictures of every important page of one of my classmate's books. fantastic sunday activity while watching notting hill, babies, and mamma mia. ha

mostly i never work any weekends at work, but this weekend one of my coworkers pawned off some of her weekend hours on me. it was good to be at the peds on a saturday, making appointments, transfering calls to nurses, and scanning an endless stream of updated insurance verification forms. yay.
and lots of recipes via the web. today was a cooking day. soup, enchiladas, and apple pie. i should do homework. (haha funny)

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Britni Ward said...

almost running into a man proposing. Classic. One time I got de-pantsed on an ice rink. Yeah, some random kid was falling and decided to grab onto my pants as he went down...taking my pants with him. Ice skating= never ending stories and adventures. Remember when Melissa skated into a wall and got a bloody lip? haha....