Monday, January 10, 2011


is a good day because I get all my missionary buddies' emails. They are so great and classic I do miss them all.
today my calendar quote was, "life, however hard, is preferable to the alternative." bahahah so sarcastic and true I did enjoy it.
today my micro lab finished early and it was fantastic... and we just played with microscopes the whole time and drew pictures of strep cultures. fantastic.
everyone here is getting married and engaged and it is suffocating me.
now i must whisk myself off to mission prep, where i get to experience Brother Bott for the first time. I am doing my best to remember what life was like before this momentous occasion. and Emily is in there with me. We are gonna be so cool in a sea of freshman boys.
oh, and we built a fort in the living room. it's really great and people flock from all about liberty square to marvel at the 8th wonder of the world. feel free to stop by.
that's all


The Ball Babies said...

Wish I could stop by because then I'd bring you all the ingredients for the stuffed canneloni with spinach and mushrooms and then we'd make it together and it would smell so good and cute boys who aren't stupid lying immature baby jerk wads would flock from all over to come see what gorgeous sophomore goddess just made the best smelling dinner E.V.E.R. Yeah, wish I could drop by. *sigh*

The Ball Babies said...

One more thing: April 2010 Conference. Dieter . Uechtdorf (I don't know how to spell his name). Your Own Happily Ever After. Read it. You will like it! (I hope. I love anything he has to say.)

Britni Ward said...

picture of the fort please :)
and I miss you.
come visit Rexburg.