Thursday, January 6, 2011

isn't it funny

how life can be going so smoothly, almost be too good to be true, and the all of a sudden slap you right in the face? That is kind of the point I am at right now.
I've fallen right on my hiney and it hurts. All of this New Years business about starting anew and whatnot is something I'm really going to have to make a serious effort to embrace this year because right now I just feel like punching the next person who tells me "everything happens for a reason" in the stomach. Or kidney.
Anyways, that's the big black rain cloud of the week. However, a handful of good things have happened too, which parted the clouds for at least a couple choice moments. Let's make a list. I like lists.
- Kelsey and I went to Olive Garden on Monday and it was fantastically delicious.
- One of my friends from home came back from India so we were able to talk hominess and cook with Anita. It was much needed. And the lentil soup deserves an A.
- I finished my Hunger Games books... and I am going to make an effort to read more.
- I was finally able to get my car out of the snow that held it captive for a whole day.
- Microbiology is currently my favorite class and I am somewhat excited to learn about bacteria.
- We are taking ice skating. Every Thursday til April I shall be carving ice and sow cowing circles around my classmates heads.
- Chase had another show and it was fun to see the little prodigy play after so long.
- I got my glasses so now I can see! People probably get uncomfortable when I pass by because I just study their entire face.. not because I want to stare, but because I am just so surprised at how clearly I can see them. Makes some people much more attractive. (And others much less so)
-My aunt had her baby! And while I haven't seen Evelyn yet, I am so happy for the Pugh family.
Welp, that is all I can recount as of this moment.
These words were printed on my calendar the other day.
"You're gonna make it after all."
I'm gonna make it. You're gonna make it. Maybe not tomorrow, but after all. And I am okay with that.


The Ball Babies said...

I absolutely hate it when people say that things happen for a reason! Despise it really. What is the reason? Who knows. Life can suck at times that's for sure and right now it is sucking big time for you. I really like how you've taken the positive side and posted about all the good things this week! You're awesome, my love!

D said...

"Makes some people much more attractive. (And others much less so)"....Haha.

Britni Ward said...

I love the quote at the end. And I think I just think that I need to sell my plasma so I can get down to Utah and you, Cam, Hailey, and I can have a party. Oh, and I need some lentil recipes from you. Thanks :)
p.s I hope when he sees your face, it gives him ;)