Tuesday, February 22, 2011

because i am sneaky

i snuck home this weekend.
no one knew i was coming- heck i hardly knew it until 4 or 5 days before leaving, and it was fun to give the fam a little heart attack by knocking on the back door late at night, then seeing the delight on their faces when I was forced to tell them who the intruder was at the back door out of fear they might leave me there all night.
it was a pleasant weekend. in fact, my mom basically beat me to the deets, so if you're interested, click.
my own weekend additions? i brought home the guitar and am learning to play. so far i can play "leaving on a jetplane" and brown eyed girl". please notice, however, that i didn't say i could play either very well . maybe once my fingers toughen up a little bit, the story will be different. a girl can hope, right? oh, and emily and i made it back to provo in about 5 hours if you don't count the gas stop, food stop, and bathroom stop. don't ask me how- i hardly sped. the only feasible conclusion we could draw is that maybe they moved provo a little closer to home while i was away. either that or my speedometer is broken. nah, i am going with the first.
now it's back to the grindstone. ps do you like the nip/tucks made on this ol' page? i was feeling something new, but i am too chicken to change too much too soon... plus i am pretty html inept. one day i dream of sections with food and life and travel buuuuuuuut until then my weak attempts at the three will just conglomerate in the same small space. there is always summer to learn and expand, right?
summer. i like the sound of that. this semester is almost halfway over.
time flies.

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The Ball Babies said...

I really like that you are sneaky! Be sneaky again. Really soon!