Friday, February 18, 2011

this post is indeed about a grapefruit.

for a moment, spend some time marveling at my latest feat.
i am slowly mastering the sectioning of  a grapefruit. 
growing up, i watched my mom carve up one of these every day with prestige; sectioning, scooping, and squeezing out all the juice. she never for one moment needed the "grapefruit sectioner" i got her for mother's day that one year.
 however, i never wanted anything to do with em.
well folks, one-month-shy-of-twenty alyssa is growing up- after two weeks of religiously trying to perfect my skills and learning that a. you cannot cut a gp with a fork. b. you cannot cut a gp with a spoon and c. sugar is sort of important
i feel like i've made small steps in the breakfast foods realm
(but i still can't section an entire grapefruit without eating half of it in the process- impatience is a tasty, tasty virtue)

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