Wednesday, February 16, 2011

the weather of provo

can be likened to a 15 year old girl. hormonal.
and i know i speak of the weather a lot, but it just amuses me. kind of like this picture of today:
probably shot at the strangest angle possible, but i guess that's just the product of a lot of happiness because the sun shone today for a good solid 8 hours. and i even shaved my legs for the occasion.
momentous, i tell you. 
however, i just peeked my head outside, and it's been blizzarding as of late, so i guess this nice sunny day won't be replicated any time soon. pity. pleeeeeeease come, spring. i stand beckoning.
in other news..... well, there really isn't any other news... besides the fact that i failed my cleaning check today. speaking of which, i should probably go clean the freezer. 
i've been thinking about summer lately and i even started my list. it's still in the the rough stages, so no unmasking will be done tonight, but seeing as BYU didn't feel like giving me any scholarships for spring/summer, guess all my dreams of taking year round classes have been shattered and now i must think of other ways to fill my days. hmmmmm shouldn't be too difficult! stay tuned. 

1 comment:

Diana Cook said...

Toms? If so, I like!
And what is a cleaning check? Pretty sure if I had that the mountain of clothes at the foot of my bed would make me fail as well.
Also I tanned outside today seeing as it was almost 80 degrees. Not envy too much though cause it's suppose to cool down later.
And what is this about summer plans? I can't skype tomorrow but maybe this Sunday???