Monday, March 7, 2011

8 minute update

this weekend:
jordan got engaged. her ring is beautiful. her and stefan are a great couple, and i want him to pick out my wedding ring, too cuz maaaaaaan he has the choosing skills! their date is july 28.... so let the planning begin! i'm glad i am just a spectator in this sport.

we went to power progressive tumbling for brittney's birthday a little early because she is going to mexico on the real day. it was great and i woke up feeling like i'd been hit by a truck the next morning... but it was fun nonetheless.

sunday was the longest day ever! we got up before the sun and drove to slc for kelsey's cousin's baby's blessing (haha do you follow me?) then came back for church, then went to eat with the family, then came home and vegged and did no homework or anything productive. it was great.
and now my time is up and i must whisk myself off to a beautful morning at work. happy monday!


Britni Ward said...

Lyss, way to sport the Hard Hat Women shirt. Anyone up for some Slightly Sacreligious?

The Ball Babies said...

Is that place stinky? haha