Sunday, March 6, 2011

mi ciudad

one of my spain friends posted this on facebook tonight.
i don't expect you to watch it, i only want it here for my own selfish reasons.
so that i can find it and watch whenever i want to see the best city in the world. this video makes me miss it with just about every fiber of my being. i can't believe it was almost a year ago that i walked down those roads and shopped in those stores and almost got run over by the cars crossing those intersections.
it makes me so terribly happy. and nostalgic. and almost sick to my stomach.

i am now accepting donations for my next trip... tba.
viva madrid


The Ball Babies said...

Oh, try not to be too sick to your stomach! You'll go back there someday, somehow... Until then just look at all of your Spain pictures, read your Spain journal, watch this little video, and remember how far away from your family you were... ahem.

What a great experience you had at such a young age! Most people won't ever get to do what you did, see what you saw, or experience what you experienced! Try to remember that.

PS Loved the fanny pack!

Diana Cook said...

when your mom says "most people" she is partly referring to me....dang it. ha
Rest assured, you and i will travel Europe together in the future, backpacking for a month. it's gonna happen

The Ball Babies said...

i got bored. love, lindsay :)