Thursday, March 31, 2011

everything is right in the world.

it had been just too long, and this long distance thing just wasn't working out.
after 2 long springs apart, rico decided to hitch a ride with my family, and move in with me.
he's been living in my living room for the past couple days, and i take him out to go to the gym or whatnot, just hoping and praying that no one steals him seeing as right now i am lock-less.
today i rode to school and the sun was shining high noon and my hair was wild, and luckily none of the bike cops were out, seeing as rico isn't registered. and i was riding on campus, which is a big no no. 
i have spring fever. more like get class done quick fever.
more like all i want to do is ride my bike. and listen to this american life. 
and not do research for my 6 page spanish paper. 

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Aly G said...

How fun that you have your bike with you! Love this time of year. I didn't know you had to register your bike to ride on campus? You rebel you!!