Tuesday, March 29, 2011

it's that time of year again

when all the zoobies come out from all parts of utah, idaho, and the surrounding area to join together and throw chalk at each other while some hare krishna guy who used a little too much ganja back in the day croons hare krishna over and over. it's great. in the words of my then-chalk-virgin friend,
"so we're just gonna pull up and they're gonna throw some chalk on us?"
yes hailey, indeed they are. and that is just how it went down.
(after my gps got us completely lost and heading in the opposite direction of spanish fork)
although the weather was less than adequate and the riff raff the festival attracted this year grew exponentially, the colors were just as vibrant as ever and it was still a great time. 
i mean, who doesn't love to go to church the following day with pink hair and blow purple snot out of their nose for days to come? 

in other news, it snowed today, and i have this theory that it only snows when i wear a certain pair of boots. (it's been tried and tested, let me tell ya) anyways, i am taking one for the team and putting them in storage. it's just not worth it anymore!
i took my last midterm til finals today. yessssss my motivation is becoming increasingly miniscule. if that even makes sense.
this weekend i did a lot of cooking with britni. you must make these delicious recipes for :
honestly, they are all to die for i tell you! 
happy monday (only three more mondays for the semester!!)

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Aly G said...

Oh those recipes look so good! Thanks for sharing them! I love that you admit that there are "Zoobies!" You are just a cool girl that goes to BYU! Not a zoobie at all in my eyes! Love ya girly! xoxo