Tuesday, March 1, 2011

march first

i like the sound of that.
march is a great month, but i mostly like it because of it's name MARCH. to me it says, "pick yourself up out of your wintery depressive state and let's get going to spring/summer!" now who's with me? don't worry though, it will snow again. i'm counting on it.

i found a new library level: the 5th one. i like it because it's got maximum windows and minimum freshman. (and so far no gingers and/or couples feeding each other. promising) it gives me good luck on my physiology quizzes too, especially when i don't think i have a prayer.

did you know that it is national PANCAKE day? well, it is. that means free flapjacks from ihop. (this year i am going to stick to my guns and not buy anything. mostly i usually feel bad for taking advantage of them and not donating to their childrens foundation, but this year will be different. the cold heart this winter helped me to develop has yet to thaw, even though it's now march.

just some good ol' pics from me introducing pancakes to my family in spain. they loved em
okay i'm kidding. i will donate to their foundation. i'm really a good person. but really, i can't wait. i love ihop, even if the pancakes my mom makes are tenfold better.

well, back to the grindstone. the aortic arch is calling.

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