Monday, March 21, 2011

you know it's monday

when you accidentally hook up the bunsen burner to the water spout instead of the gas pipe.
then turn it on and spray 2/3 of the class before realizing it.
i couldn't really tell how ticked people were- i was laughing too hard. just one of the graceful moments in my life, ya know?
kind of like another moment i had last week when i almost set our apartment on fire.
 you see, it was just another day of playing "try to make up something to eat", and when i found some corn tortillas in the fridge, i decided to try my hand at broiling some chips. things went smoothly up until i had flipped them over and went to check on them a couple minutes later. i opened up the oven to pull em out, and it was like dante's inferno in there. my chips were on fire! all of them! i yelled to my roommate, telling her i didn't know how to put out a fire and to get the fire extinguisher. then the bright idea came to me that i should swat at them with the oven mitt to get rid of the oxygen in the oven, so i proceeded to do that while jordan filled up a cup and doused the remaining flames with the water. ayyyy it's a good thing all we have to do to dismantle our fire alarm is to press a button on it. i think my roommates are becoming used to coming home to the smell of burn.
and don't forget exhibit c. it happened yesterday while my roommates were making birthday crepes. i was just doing my part, helping them along when i set my oven mitt on the stove... and it started smoking/almost flaming. someone didn't turn off the burner (not me! not me!) and my reputation continues to develop.
i am definitely starting 20 off right.

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The Ball Babies said...

Lyssa, Lyssa, Lyssa... Set a timer for Pete's sake. Please? I don't want ou burning down the entire apartment complex!