Tuesday, March 22, 2011

mi cumple

if you didn't know, it was my birthday on sunday.
the celebration went on all weekend, beginning with a big ol package from my family. actually, when i initially saw it laying on the table when i got home form work friday, i thought someone had just gone to costco or something. good thing i didn't put it in the fridge...
they sent me all kinds of good stuff, and especially really great cards. my favorite part was when payton said, quote, "Alyssa, this marker sucks I am gonna get a new one. happy birthday! i'm glad you're my sister and that you got into a good school"
later on we went to this place:
and ate lots of this. (can we have some chips with our salsa?"
i ate the whole thing. ...then polished it off with some fried ice cream. mmmmm ambrosia
saturday i pulled myself out of bed before the sun and went to shirley's for a cinnamon roll and starbucks for a white hot chocolate. can you tell it's birthday weekend by my eating habits?
i scanned all morning and listened to episodes and episodes of this american life.
later on anita,  cameron and i went to hunger banquet, where we were in the 90% of poor people who had to sit on the ground and share a plate of rice and beans with a tortilla. and some dirty water.
they told us it was chocolate. i was not about to try it.
after walking out i came up with 2 conclusions. a. the world has some problems. b. the travel bug is becoming chronic
sunday i woke up and it was my birthday.
kelsey and jordan and sam had redecorated the house, invited over some friends, and made crepes. basically it was the perfect morning. but when bananas and nutella are involved, what isn't perfect?
i opened some great presents and squealed with joy upon unwrapping my beautiful square plating plate and potato masher and whisk. kelsey gets me!
we went to church. we came home. all my great friends called, text, or said hi on facebook.
i ate great food at my grandma's house and did microbiology homework. the cherry on top of a perfect day.

ps having people sing happy birthday to you is just about one of the most awkward moments of life. what exactly are you supposed to do when it's going down? sing to yourself?
after 20 years i still have not a clue.


The Ball Babies said...

Sounds like a totally fun day/week for ya! Glad you liked your presents and the food looked divine!!! Love you. Love that you're out of the teenage years. Don't love that I am now twenty years older - no way!

** By the way, does that Brooks kid ever take a normal picture without food hanging out of his piehole? Tell him I asked you that...ha. ha. ha.

Aly G said...

Oh Alyssa sounds like you were so spoiled! You have such great friends! So fun to read your blog you make me laugh laugh laugh!!! Oh and when people sing to you you are supposed to just smile and think about what you will be wishing for before you blow the candle out silly girl!!:) xoxo