Tuesday, April 5, 2011

two firsts and many endings

first number one:
i finally went to general conference. i can't believe in the 40 ish general conferences i've been around for, i'd never been before. i used to be a proponent of "watch it on the couch with a stomach full of pancakes and usually fall asleep during hymn" but maaaan my tune has changed.
one of my work friends and i made the trek to slc to see the sunday afternoon session because she scored some really great seats down on the floor from a friend who got tickets from virginia. the people around us were from ny and canada, so i think my observations are correct, and church members outside of utah are favored at these types of events.
anyways, the precedings were fantastic. my favorite part? when the prophet came out and everyone stood and fell silent. silent! not one word! not one cough! the opening prayer was noisier, i tell you. it was the coolest experience, sitting in that conference center with so many important people.
i shall be returning.

first number two:
yesterday i journeyed down into the special collections section of the library to do some research for a paper. boy did i feel a. stupid because i didn't know one thing about finding things in the library and then b. pretty legit when i found out my book was rare and important. basically special collections is where they keep all the old and important rare works that byu has collected over the years, and they live behind closed doors and glass walls. i felt like nicolas cage in the national archives national treasure style. or harry in the restricted section of hogwarts.
i had to show proof i was a student, lock up my bag, and take off my jacket. i could only use the pencils and paper in the special room where i gingerly flipped through the pages of "el torero- the art of bullfighting". i had to have an interview with a curator and swear on my grave i wouldn't write on the book. it was really funny. and really awesome.

as for the endings, well, yesterday i realized that i only have one week of school left. one measly week to tie up the loose ends of the semester and buckle down for those finals... of which actually won't be too bad this semester, seeing as i only have 2 finals and 1 paper. also, i think the snow might stop. i hope so. the grass is turning green. i like it.
i would be a liar if i didn't say i am getting a little anxious for school to end, though. what am i going to do until i can start working full time at the end of may?
if anyone knows of any more jobs or suggestions or free plane tickets abroad, let me know.

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Britni Ward said...

Until the end of may we're going to party, cook food, work out, climb mountains, meet cute boys, try to start getting tan.....man, the list is ENDLESS.