Tuesday, April 12, 2011

just another tuesday for the books.

i smelled that stinky spring smell today- the one from those gross flowering trees, but guess what. i loved it. i secretly was cheering because even though we had a characteristic spring snowstorm, they were troopers and spouted with the uttermost pungency.
i heard a lawnmower, too. that made me get so exceedingly happy.

i saw professor williams and mabel while i was turning in my spanish final paper and it made me so. happy. and then as i was walking out i saw stallings, my other favorite spanish professor and i seriously could not stop smiling thinking about how great his class was. i am so obsessed with spanish, and that is how the cookie crumbles.

i listened to more this american life as i worked today. another obsession as of late.

anita and i are cooking this quiche for tuesday meal time and it is bringing me back to the days of childhood when we would read this barney alphabet book to lindsay, and make her say "quiche" when we got to q because it was the cutest thing. i should call her up and make her say it for me again.
i am done with all my classes for the term, all i have to do in the next nine days is study for the finals, cram in 48 hour trip to idaho falls, and work more than i probably should be scheduled for. money money money money.
lindsay and i doing a glasses switch last weekend. 
also, spain is all that is on my mind, and the possibility i've got to head back over to my favorite place sooner than i was expecting. so many decisions to be made in the next few weeks, i cannot concentrate on a single thing.


Kelsey Ann said...

I love (and hate?) those trees today. Today after leaving you in the JKB it was the first thing I smelt and I thought to myself, "SPRING! I should blog about this!" Glad you read my mind :)

Diana Cook said...

I bet that's why you're my friend...you get your fill of spanish. Glad I finally figured it out ha.
And what is this Spain sooner than later business??

Aly G said...

Oh I am happy for Spring too! I can't believe how much you and Lins are starting to look more alike! Is this Idaho falls trip the trip for a certain someones welcome home?! I can't wait to hear how it all goes down! I sure miss ya! You are such a great writer! Love checking your blog niecey!!