Saturday, May 28, 2011

a breakfast for the books

i eat  some oatmeal about every day. sometimes i mix it up, throwing in an apple instead of a banana, but mostly it's always oatmeal, yogurt, jam, a banana, and cinnamon to boot.
this morning i had to work early, so i was rushing around, but also making sure i had enough time to eat my breakfast, because  trust me, this girl doesn't EVER skip breakfast. (or really any other meal for that matter.)

i assembled it all, threw it in my favorite bowl (it tastes better that way) and dug in. i eat this every morning. i always know what it's gonna taste like.
however, this morning as i put the first spoonful in my mouth, something was wrong and i couldn't figure out what. i kept eating, not really thinking about it too much, just wondering if maybe i'd salted the water too much or something but the taste persisted. stronger in some bites, milder in others.
i was about 3/4 done when i brought a spoonful up to my face and the realization came to me as i studied it. those little flecks i'd sprinkled on top were definitely not cinnamon.
note to self: for full breakfast satisfaction, make sure the chili powder and cinnamon are not in identical spice jars.

ps. i finished it anyways.