Wednesday, May 25, 2011

can't stop won't stop


it's kind of been the theme of my spring so far.
as you may or may not remember, my old roommate anita and i do some weekly cooking where we make a big feast. this week, the dish was chana masala, which is an indian chickpea dish. as i scanned the other day trying to figure out if i needed any last minute things, my eyes caught on one ingredient. garam masala. most of the time i am cheap when it comes to weird spices and just leave them out.
this dish was different. i mean, if the name of the dish has masala in it, i figured i should probably go ahead and buy some garam masala. the only problem was i had never in my life seen this in any spice cabinet i'd ever seen.

there was just one option. that option was to venture to the bollywood market. i was on a time crunch after work due to an OSHA meeting (more to come on that later) and some inconvenient construction off the provo exit, so i figured this little trip to india would be in and out. luckily i found a parking spot right outside so i parked, ran inside, and asked the lady where i could find garam masala between all the unfamiliar powders that lined the walls. she looked around, pulled it down, and told me it would be 2.99. alright, not bad. i handed her my card. she told me that, sadly, my purchase had to be over 5 bucks to use credit. my eyes quickly scanned the shelves as i tried to decide between different pastes and powders as the lady sang along with some good bollywood tunes. i grabbed a can of this and threw it down.
as i walked out, i looked a little closer at my recent purchase.
coconut cream? what in the world is that even used for?
needless to say, this little can has sparked quite some google search.

i will keep you all posted on my creation. hopefully it turns out. all i know is as i walked out all i could think was, man... that could have been delicious yogurtland instead of a measly can of creamed coconut... 

if it's good, great. if it's not, well, moral of the story is carry cash.

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