Saturday, May 7, 2011


sushi: check.
on friday night britni's friend took us out to yamato's for some raw fish. haha not really. (but kind of) i'd never eaten sushi before this, so i was a little hesitant and a little freaked, but nonetheless it was a good time, me trying to figure out how to use chopsticks, and then coming to a consensus that i should just go on the chopstick diet because i would starve (do they really only eat one grain of rice at a time?!)
i got veggie rolls and inari tofu pockets... only there was really no tofu in there to be seen.
brit got something with lobster in it.
jayson got calamari tempura. OCTOPUS!
we split em all, and i impressed myself with my carpe diem spirit. the calamari one was the best- it tasted like onion rings.
... maybe that means it wasn't really that authentic. however, the asian pop music was authentic. i know it. so was the gay asian couple at the table next to us, complete with their own asian baby! (their own lily) and the kimono worn by out waitress, complete with her authentic shape ups. (gotta get me a pair of those)
all in all, good times. sushi is a winner in this girl's books.

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