Saturday, May 7, 2011

cinco de mayo

so it might be el siete de mayo, but i am a little lazy so let's pretend this was posted two days ago!
cinco de mayo= a good excuse to make more mexican food. and for all the hole in the wall mexican restaurants of utah to get more college student business. as i was going on a little run pre-cooking, i couldn't believe how people were just leaking out of every single mexican place around campus! (and was somewhat disappointed in everybody who was eating at any place OTHER than a taco shop)
anyways, i worked til 6. britni started work at 6. we fiesta'd at about 10 pm.
the menu, you might ask? take a looky:
 seven layer dip. all 7 layers! we didn't even skip and i even added the olives and tomato i usual really dislike
 mexican coke. a whole medio litro was completely necessary, and we managed to choke it down even though i am kind of partial to diet coke. with lime
 and we broke out the mustaches and i dusted off the drug rug. here i am just stoking my stache in utter ponderance. can i tell you how uncomfortable a mustache is? my upper lip was sweating and felt like a furnace. how do the bearded men do it?
 that gem of a ring doubles as a bottle opener. who knew? ps britni's mustache is just looking a little too real right about now...
and voila. the main event- black beans and sweet potatoes. it was so good, and totally worth the extra trip to smith's when i started cutting into the sweet potatotes and realized they weren't orange, but yellow.
what the heck who are these imposter sweet potatoes?
turns out the "sweet potatoes" i love so much are in reality yams. go figure.
all in all, it was a great day and i was proud to be an american celebrating a mexican holiday no mexicans even celebrate. if only i would have had a sombrero.

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