Friday, May 20, 2011

a lunch realization and good company

bridget. corrin. marybeth. melissa. me. whitney. hannah. heather. oksana. 
these are my friends.... or family. who knows. my line between the two is becoming somewhat blurred seeing as i spend an upwards of 35 hours a week with these people and maybe 35 days out of the year with my real one. it is a good thing we get along.
anyways, these are my nurse/medical assistant /receptionist friends (well... the ones who are under 26 and can steal away at lunch... we left the grannies at the office ;) just kidding. they are cool too. they just had children to attend to or something.)
i would like to be able to tell you all that we just go out to lunch like this all the time. (what a posh life that would be) but most of the time at lunch we're heating up top ramen or leftovers or finding remnants of drug rep lunches past in the deepest confines of our stinky fridge. anyways, i digress. the reason we all gathered here today at the reverred cafe rio is because hannah is going on her mission. leaving us for florida. boo. (but really we're all really excited for her. all the young missionary boys are going to fall in love with her. literally and figuratively. but more literally.)
it was so good. if the food at that place wasn't amazing i wouldn't be blogging about it. the two best parts of todays trip?
1. call ahead ordering. no more lines of awkward couples caressing each other,  pre-order nerves or jitters, no more persuasions by the mexicans to get that extra side of guac. you just tell them what you want, they tell you to come pick it up in fifteen minutes. beautiful.
2. cafe rio is known for it's sweet pork salad, right? problem: i don't eat meat. and that tortilla they serve it in has about four hundred calories in it. and i have no self control and must ingest the entire thing in one sitting, of course. solution: tostada. just as much everything else except the tortilla and three dollars cheaper. are you kidding me? i think the heavens parted and the angels started singing when i came to this divine realization.
anyways the food was great. the company was hilarious. we all wore our scrubs for good measure.
i love my job.

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The Ball Babies said...

Wow, I think she is the prettiest sister missionary I have ever seen! Tell her I told you that!