Saturday, May 21, 2011

twenty things

while sitting at work today, reclined in my chair, answering phones and transferring to nurses, i was thinking about what exactly i have learned in my last twenty years of life. this is what i came up with, in between transferring calls from worried mothers wondering if pepto bismol could help their three year old's constipation.
1. its not smart to stick utensils in the toaster. or whole eggs in the microwave.
2. read lots of books
3. pray every day
4. find time for your friends far away. call them. 
5. shop the perimeter of the grocery store. eat your vegetables!
6. travel. don't think, just do.
7. wake up early. get up, dress up, show up. 
8. if you're going to make dessert, make dessert!
9. the squeaky wheel gets the grease, so speak up.
10. make your bed. every day.
11. facebook is not real life.
12. keep perspective
13. when the gas light goes on in your car, get gas.
14. never text in the shower.
15. always be game. 
16. be wary of blind dates
17. never use box color for your hair. 
18. buffets are never a good idea.
19. follow the speed limit. use your blinker!
20. never wear skirts over a hot air vent. unless you're trying to pull a marilyn. (which will happen)

1 comment:

Kelsey Ann Thompson said...

You are so wise... I'm totes bringing you home a British book for a present AND I bought like 9847583745 Jane Austen books that you are welcome to read as well ;)