Monday, May 30, 2011

what i did on my memorial day

bonnie the basil plant. the newest resident of 357
no work. all play. the rundown:
sleep in. thankfully our neighbors are home again, so the alarm that was bleeping at 7 AM without fail every single morning has stopped. hallelujah!!

reading all morning. east of eden is what i'm on right now, and holy cow steinbeck is a master!! i recommend it.

gym time. the great thing about summer is i can basically schedule my day around my 2 hours at the gym and it's heaven.

car wash. ha so it has been raining cats and dogs here the past, oh, 2 weeks, but today after a torrential downpour the heavens parted and the sun came. my poor car has been neglected, oh, it's whole life because i am usually too cheap to wash it. however, i found a coupon for a free car wash on our calendar, so i ran down to the gas station and got it all clean. much to my delight this wasn't some cheap car wash either- the coupon was for a free bag of ice or a deluxe 9 dollar value car wash. (seriously i want to meet the guy who chooses the bag of ice) it even waxed it. boo yah

good earth ie the store that changed my life. lately i've been reading a lot of vegan blogs. all the recipes call for weird stuff like chia seeds, arrowroot powder, and nutritional yeast. i had no idea what any of this stuff even was until i stepped foot into good earth this afternoon and wandered around the bulk foods section for a good hour. it's basically just your average high end, high priced organic/vegan/raw grocery store, but man did it suck me in... i will be back. with a list. i mean, who can pass up overpriced granola?

so. much. cooking. britni made stuffed peppers for dinner. after that we found a recipe for wheat thins and just HAD to try it out. then we had the urge to chop things, so we made pico de gallo.

yeah, i haven't left this kitchen since 7. it's definitely summer.

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